The Entrepreneur Creating Ghana’s Next Generation Of Inventors

What sounds like progress to us is someone responding to the needs of a changing world. Charles Ofori Antipem‘s inspirational story is about adapting solutions without conceding to limitations. With rapid growth expecting highly-qualified STEM experts, this Ghanaian entrepreneur is anticipating the call and making sure that his community is ready to answer it. “Sir,…

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Manish Jain: “Our Work Is To Recover Wisdom And Imagination”

In our quest for inspiring innovation, creativity and solutions through imagination, what if one of our vital tools is broken? Speaker, author and activist, Manish Jain, believes our education system is producing a society which actually creates issues such as poverty and global warming. His solution for this is a radical theory called ‘unlearning’. This…

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To Foster A Love Of Art In Children, We Must Teach It At Primary School

We’re passionate about anything that inspires imagination, creativity, and a love of learning in children. With primary school art falling lower and lower on the list of priorities in favour of letters and numbers, we’re losing this vital part of educational development. Primary art specialist Emily Gopaul shows us how to avoid leaving art out…

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