You Can’t Characterize Human Nature If Studies Overlook 85% Of People On Earth

What is normal? Most of us would think that we’re aware of dangerous generalisations, or even prejudices, when it comes to characterising human nature. However, as this thought-provoking article from The Conversation shows, inherent biases can run deep in the research, actually influencing our baseline assumptions without us knowing. Over the last century, behavioural researchers…

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The Art Of Scientific Investigation: How Intuition And The Imagination Fuel Scientific Discovery And Creativity

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of embracing doubt in order to solve problems creatively, but what is actually happening when we let ourselves be open to ideas? Brain Pickings, from writer and MIT fellow, Maria Popova, looks at “what matters in the world and why”. Her ethos is based on combining to create…

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How To Be Better At Uncertainty

As part of our focus on empathy, here we’re looking at the power of uncertainty with an article from The CUT, New York Magazine‘s female-focused website and blog. Despite a general trend towards knowing one’s mind and the freedom that losing unnecessary baggage brings, Kristin Wong explores how it’s actually accepting the unknown which leads to…

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