Virtual Reality May Boost Empathy More Than Other Media

While we must take the implications of technological advancement seriously, we can still get excited about the possible benefits. By its very definition, empathy is about putting oneself in another’s shoes, so what better than virtual reality, “the ultimate empathy machine”? In this article from Futurity, Alex Shashkevich, Stanford University, is exploring new research into how technology…

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How To Be Better At Uncertainty

As part of our focus on empathy, here we’re looking at the power of uncertainty with an article from The CUT, New York Magazine‘s female-focused website and blog. Despite a general trend towards knowing one’s mind and the freedom that losing unnecessary baggage brings, Kristin Wong explores how it’s actually accepting the unknown which leads to…

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Manish Jain: “Our Work Is To Recover Wisdom And Imagination”

In our quest for inspiring innovation, creativity and solutions through imagination, what if one of our vital tools is broken? Speaker, author and activist, Manish Jain, believes our education system is producing a society which actually creates issues such as poverty and global warming. His solution for this is a radical theory called ‘unlearning’. This…

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