Creative Skills ‘Critical’ To Preventing Robot Replacements In The Workplace

As artificial intelligence and automation innovates, so, it seems, should we. Exercising creative skills allows us to bring to the table what only we can in terms of abstract, free, untaught thinking. This endorsement from the tech industry places much-welcome value on alternative methods of learning and arts education. uniquely human skills John Fallon, Pearson…

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Imagination = Creativity

At the Institute of Imagination (iOi), we are often asked what the difference is between imagination and creativity. We answer by referencing our Institute of Imagination champion Sir Ken Robinson’s definition: creativity is the application of imagination. Is There A Difference Between Imagination And Creativity? Through imagination we can step outside of our current context, revisit…

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How To Be Creative

Is creativity something we’re born with – a magic spark that some people have and some don’t? In this video from PBSoffbook, practitioners in a variety of fields talk about what being creative really means. We love this exploration because it characterises the process as something inclusive, both of people and ways of working. For…

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