Someday, Robot Artists May Have To Explain Their Creations To Us

We all know that artificial intelligence is getting more developed every day. Increasingly, robots can think, and maybe even argue, for themselves. However, physicist Arthur Miller believes today’s technology might be more advanced than we think. Not only that, but art, previously thought the preserve of humans, might be in robots’ toolbox too. We’ve looked…

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Creative Skills ‘Critical’ To Preventing Robot Replacements In The Workplace

As artificial intelligence and automation innovates, so, it seems, should we. Exercising creative skills allows us to bring to the table what only we can in terms of abstract, free, untaught thinking. This endorsement from the tech industry places much-welcome value on alternative methods of learning and arts education. uniquely human skills John Fallon, Pearson…

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What Do The Terms ‘Life’, ‘Love’, ‘Art’ And ‘God’ Look Like To An Algorithm?

We’re really interested in making connections between art and science to help us understand our world. Memo Akten‘s video links our shared ideas on universal concepts by showing how an algorithm would make sense of them. The result is that we see our interpretations in an entirely new yet recognisable way. An unusually inventive instance…

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