There’s An Unfinished ‘City of The Future’ Tucked Away In The Arizona Desert

What are we hoping for when we create spaces for people? This is a thought-provoking piece, originally published in Business Insider, about a planned ‘city of the future‘. It explores the complexities of building, or perhaps forcing, a utopia. There are lessons to be learned around the practicalities, such as funding, but also in realising…

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Robots And Poetry Come Alive At Black Imagination Conference

“BIM Incubator brings together participants from disparate fields of knowledge to think collaboratively about blackness and black culture in relation to architecture”. We love the idea of “scrambling” this architectural, technical acronym to provoke thought and self-expression in new ways as part of Black Imagination Matters. On a humid, grey morning at Princeton in a…

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This Photographer Has ‘Misplaced’ 11 Of New York’s Most Iconic Buildings

How much of a building’s identity lives in its space? Does our perception of them depend on their surroundings? Photographer Anton Repponen is experimenting with seeing iconic buildings from radical points of view with his Misplaced Series. Here, he talks to Kate Lough at Evening Standard about unleashing the life of a building in your imagination. The…

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