Colourful Kindergarten In China Inspires Creativity Through Materials And Identity

Making places that inspire isn’t just about beauty and the thrill of the new. It’s also about finding creative ways to increase engagement. Looking at this exploration of a colourful kindergarten in Chongqing, we love the impulse to build “a place that begs to be explored”. It’s full of clever and, crucially, practical solutions all…

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There’s An Unfinished ‘City of The Future’ Tucked Away In The Arizona Desert

What are we hoping for when we create spaces for people? This is a thought-provoking piece, originally published in Business Insider, about a planned ‘city of the future‘. It explores the complexities of building, or perhaps forcing, a utopia. There are lessons to be learned around the practicalities, such as funding, but also in realising…

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