Scientists Made a Functional Replica Of Human Organs At Almost One Millionth The Size

Many of the barriers to scientific breakthroughs are based on testing and time. Rightly, any developments need to be based on rigorous experimentation and proven results. What’s exciting about this research from North Carolina is that it holds the possibility of finding a sweet spot where accurate modelling of human organs and efficiency overlap. Tiny,…

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Space Popular Presents Six Projects That Challenge The Physical And Virtual Future Of Architecture

Whether you’re looking for innovation or escape, most of us will have had some experience of virtual reality, or are at least familiar with the concept. Turning to Dezeen, this article looks at Space Popular, a design collective that is harnessing VR’s power to free design. The opportunities, from nostalgia to creative interpretation of classic…

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‘Schools Are Killing Curiosity’: Why We Need To Stop Telling Children To Shut Up And Learn

Who asked you? For some that question could be directed at the teacher, and others the children. There is constant debate about approach and policy in school curriculums – not to mention targets and quotas. While some believe in repetition and structure, others want to foster student-led learning. Is there a line between curiosity and…

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