Imagination = Creativity

At the Institute of Imagination (iOi), we are often asked what the difference is between imagination and creativity. We answer by referencing our Institute of Imagination champion Sir Ken Robinson’s definition: creativity is the application of imagination. Is There A Difference Between Imagination And Creativity? Through imagination we can step outside of our current context, revisit…

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Revolutions: The Ideas That Changed The World – The Smartphone

Last week we brought you the first part of Revolutions: Ideas that Changed the World. The BBC series looks at six inventions that upturned and forever-changed civilisations’ ability to navigate the world. This week’s episode considers perhaps one of the most pertinent examples of this phenomenon. It’s the “device that defines our age” – the…

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Scientists Around The World Are Working To Turn Agricultural Waste Into Food, Packaging And More

It’s encouraging to see innovation in practice to look at an often forgotten part of the food production supply chain – agricultural waste. So much focus is given to the consumer journey and end user recycling. However, looking at the beginning of the process not only changes our thinking around all production, but supports those…

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