At a time of such rapid change, what it means to be human is constantly being questioned and re-evaluated. With more time spent communicating via screens and less time spent on human to human interaction than ever before, the very basis of humanity is shifting. What does it mean to be a human in the…

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The Art Of Scientific Investigation: How Intuition And The Imagination Fuel Scientific Discovery And Creativity

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of embracing doubt in order to solve problems creatively, but what is actually happening when we let ourselves be open to ideas? Brain Pickings, from writer and MIT fellow, Maria Popova, looks at “what matters in the world and why”. Her ethos is based on combining to create…

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Adaptation: TED Radio Hour

Adaptation has to be the answer when we can’t stop the constant change around us. In this episode of TED Radio Hour, we hear how “re-purposing the brain” can drive product development, personal survival and societal shifts. NPR hosts several TED speakers to find out what inspired their talks on adaptation as not simply a reflex…

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