At a time of such rapid change, what it means to be human is constantly being questioned and re-evaluated. With more time spent communicating via screens and less time spent on human to human interaction than ever before, the very basis of humanity is shifting. What does it mean to be a human in the…

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Life Finds A Way: What Evolution Teaches Us About Creativity By Andreas Wagner

In this fascinating excerpt from his book, Life Finds a Way, author and professor Andreas Wagner likens creativity to nature’s determination to problem-solve. We love the idea that being playful isn’t just for practise or fun, but it actually promotes flexibility and prepares for unpredictability. This can extend to dreaming and mind-wandering, too. Suspending judgement…

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The Desirability Of Storytellers

Why do we tell stories? When you think about it, storytelling is a weird activity: Rather than engage in ‘productive’ tasks (such as  acquiring money, resources or status), individuals choose to spend much of their time listening to and telling stories which seem to serve little purpose other than to entertain and enthrall. This fascination with stories is not…

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