What If Communities Had Spaces Where They Could Come Together to Imagine?

Our understanding of communities has shifted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Local communities have come together to help those who are vulnerable, share food, and develop support networks. Other spaces have felt abandoned during lockdown. In this unique time, we now have the chance to pause and re-imagine how we want these civic spaces to act and…

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Our Summer of Empathetic Action

Empathy and imagination are radical tools for reshaping how we view the world, especially when battling injustices. In this long read from K.Page Stuart Valdes, she takes us through the importance of empathy when dismantling racism, and how the Black Lives Matter movement is using it to reimagine a fairer world. June 2020 may be…

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Scientists Made a Functional Replica Of Human Organs At Almost One Millionth The Size

Many of the barriers to scientific breakthroughs are based on testing and time. Rightly, any developments need to be based on rigorous experimentation and proven results. What’s exciting about this research from North Carolina is that it holds the possibility of finding a sweet spot where accurate modelling of human organs and efficiency overlap. Tiny,…

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