Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2019: Secrets & Lies – The Hidden Power Of Maths

Whether or not you believe in luck, Christmas is the perfect time to explore how STEM could give magic a helping hand. Michael Faraday started the Royal Institution Christmas lectures in 1825, and today they’re the UK’s flagship science series, broadcast on the BBC. In this year’s series, Dr Hannah Fry, Professor of Mathematics at…

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This Is Why Learning With Imagination Matters In Education

Today’s article comes from Wabisabi Learning, a foundation dedicated to bringing innovation to learning. It’s obviously a cause we support here at iOi. This article in particular is about bringing imagination, our inspiration, to learning. We love the concept of the imagination and knowledge cycle; it’s not about acquiring knowledge, but through unlocking doors to…

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Bringing Short-Form Storytelling Into The 21st Century And Helping Young People Re-Engage With Reading

This week we’re excited to bring you an article from Rachael Bull, Programme Manager, Arts & Culture Programmes and Investments at Nesta. It’s an innovation foundation that works collaboratively, through experimentation labs and crowdfunding, to find solutions to the big problems facing society. Here she presents Alterrnaratives, an exploration of new forms of storytelling in…

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