There’s An Unfinished ‘City of The Future’ Tucked Away In The Arizona Desert

What are we hoping for when we create spaces for people? This is a thought-provoking piece, originally published in Business Insider, about a planned ‘city of the future‘. It explores the complexities of building, or perhaps forcing, a utopia. There are lessons to be learned around the practicalities, such as funding, but also in realising…

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MIT Researchers Create 3D Printed Motion Sculptures To Understand Human Movement

Full STEAM ahead! An exciting project developed at MIT is not only using creative thinking to link sports science, physiotherapy and psychology with the powerhouse of potential that is 3D printing, but actually making art too. MoSculp‘s creations, 3D-printed motion sculptures, intend to revolutionise the study of movement by making three dimensional records of the paths…

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