Welcome to Imagination Matters.

From the first mark on a cave wall to the first footsteps on the Moon, our greatest developments have begun with leaps of someone’s imagination. Imagination is the cornerstone of creativity, problem solving and innovation. It is an essential skill for life.

We find ourselves at a turning point in our history – the increasing speed in which the world is changing means that the future is more uncertain than ever before. It is our turn to create the world we wish to see. Imagination has never been more important.

Yet throughout the world, imagination is being overlooked and undervalued. Opportunities for children to imagine, explore and experiment without predetermined outcomes are increasingly rare. In a 24-hour society, children’s lives are often over-scheduled. They’re under constant pressure to succeed at schools that place emphasis on formal learning under specific disciplines, and at what cost?

Every child is born with an immense capacity for imagination. We need a climate in which it can be nurtured and thrive.

Imagination Matters

Imagination Matters is powered by the Institute of Imagination and exists to champion this shift and challenge the common preconception that imagination is nothing more than a frivolous pastime.

Here you will find articles, blogs, images and videos that showcase the importance of imagination across sectors and in everyday life. You’ll read stories from people you may be familiar with alongside others who may be new to you. Everyone a real-life example of just how and why Imagination Matters.

If you’ve found your way to this site you may already be aware of the importance of imagination. You may live and breathe this knowledge and be looking for back up and further reading. Alternately, this may be the first time you’ve come across the concept. Perhaps you’re struck by a new thought and would like to learn more. Or maybe neither of those describe you.

Whoever you are, and whatever you do, we hope you’ll find something here that resonates with you.

We also invite you to join in and contribute. Imagination Matters is not designed to be a one way conversation, it is intended to change perceptions through thought provoking insights and dialogues.

Together we can create a climate that allows generations to imagine freely.

Institute of Imagination

Institute of Imagination (iOi) is a UK registered charity set up to help understand the power of imagination and realise its potential. We are a group of educationalists, writers, artists, designers, academics, entrepreneurs, financiers, and philanthropists from across the world. We share a passionate belief in the need to support and nurture children in developing the skills and well-being they need to flourish.

Our mission is to create space for children to re-imagine the world.