Our understanding of communities has shifted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Local communities have come together to help those who are vulnerable, share food, and develop support networks. Other spaces have felt abandoned during lockdown. In this unique time, we now have the chance to pause and re-imagine how we want these civic spaces to act and what function they play in society.

Our head of Experience and Learning Tom Doust had the chance to discuss this very topic with Marie Godart, on Rob Hopkin’s podcast.

In this episode they are exploring a question sent in by subscriber Joy Cherkaoui. One of the things a future in which imagination is able to flourish will need is spaces in which imagination and creativity are invited. Intentionally. These can take many forms, but we need them. What then are the ingredients of such spaces? What makes a good one? Who gets to create them? How can we ensure that they support and reflect the diversity of the place in which they are situated?

Tom Doust is joined with Marie Godart, who works in the field of theatrical creation, climate change and facilitating the imagination. She is currently working on ‘Play’, a proposed cultural space in the centre of Brussels dedicated to the power of play and imagination in our cities.

Listen to this conversation at Rob Hopkins’s website.

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