Once again we find ourselves touching base with empathy at a time when it’s understandably the backdrop to all of our lives. We’ve found investigating the possible positive outcomes of this awareness both enlightening and encouraging. Let’s take a look at Thrive Global‘s ideas on how being empathic can benefit both teams and leaders.

To be empathic is to be aware as to why a person is in need. It is the ability to have the cognitive awareness of someone else’s thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and intentions.

We all believe we can be empathic, as we can generally sympathise with a person who is in need. The difference is to understand why that person is in need? There is an emphasis on being able to share the experience by perceiving and imagining someone else’s life. In other words, as you listen to someone, the triggered response is that you feel what they are feeling.

Indeed, we are tested daily on our aptitude towards having empathy. As leaders, and having the responsibility for the well-being of colleagues, the stress test is realised in each exchangeable moment. Empathy is a skill that is used through sensory, perception and one’s ability to conceptualise how someone else is experiencing life.

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