Whether you’re looking for innovation or escape, most of us will have had some experience of virtual reality, or are at least familiar with the concept. Turning to Dezeen, this article looks at Space Popular, a design collective that is harnessing VR’s power to free design. The opportunities, from nostalgia to creative interpretation of classic styles, are endless.

Space Popular is exploring how virtual reality and mass production are set to disrupt architecture. Founders Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg talk Dezeen through six of their experiments.

Lesmes and Hellberg founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2013. Now based in London, they work on a diverse range of projects, including exhibitions and installations, as well as architecture, interiors and furniture.

Several of their projects explore the idea that VR is going to revolutionise architecture in the near future, as people increasingly spend time inside virtual buildings and augmented spaces.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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