Today we’re bringing you an interesting initiative from an Ontario school board. Recognising the importance of empowerment, teachers there have placed more leadership in students’ hands in the classrooms. We’re excited to see how self-directed learning helps education flourish.

We live in a time of change. In fact, rapid developments can be seen in just about every field, from medicine and technology to communications and the financial sector. But for the longest time, education had struggled to keep pace with this level of evolution. In recent years, however, big changes have begun to revolutionise the way children are taught. Conseil scolaire Viamonde, one of the only French school boards in Ontario, has developed a unique approach to its classroom setup, enabling students to take on more of a leadership role in their own learning experience, and setting an example for all schools to follow.

“There has been a shift from the teacher transmitting knowledge, to students engaging and participating actively in constructing their own knowledge and developing skills,” said Sébastien Fontaine, superintendent of education at Conseil Scolaire Viamonde. “Today’s classrooms use the physical space to promote learning. The integration of technology, flexible seating and student-led learning as well as the emphasis on developing global skills and competencies represent the biggest changes to date.”

The way people interact, socialise and work has changed and educators are considering students’ development and the latest research in neuroscience and brain development like never before when planning learning environments, he added.

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