The idea of a ‘circular economy‘ seems simple – obvious even – especially when it comes to concerns around sustainability. But we’re not doing it. As this video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation says, we “take, make and dispose”. The circular economy is what some have termed a ‘cradle to cradle‘ concept, having recognised the unsustainable nature of the much-relied upon ‘grave’ in this equation. The Foundation places creativity and imaginative transformations at the heart of the solution.

There’s a world of opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we make stuff.

Re-Thinking Progress’ explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design the way our economy works – designing products that can be ‘made to be made again‘ and powering the system with renewable energy.

It questions whether with creativity and innovation we can build a restorative economy.

Find out more about the circular economy at Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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