Indian website YourStory celebrates entrepreneurs and change-makers. Its PhotoSparks feature showcases artwork championing the spirit of innovation and creativity. We’ve picked this example because the art has a very niche subject. Through this, and the artist’s dedication to being driven by passion, we see the importance of not following rules or trends when it comes to creativity.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bengaluru recently hosted two exhibitions, titled ‘Collage 2 Canvas’ (with the works of SM Veenaranjini, Adish Jain and Deboshree) and ‘Colour and Space’ (featuring the works of Ramaiah University faculty members Chiranjith Barui, Sana Ashraf, Bala Vignesh, Lohit HS, Vijay N, Karthik G, Pratheek Achar, and Reemi Thakuria).

The vast majority of his paintings feature motor vehicles, especially the classics. “I try to incorporate the little elements in the art piece that are not otherwise visible on the original structure. It’s captivating to create how even motorcycles can bring out art on paper,” he adds.

He says he looks at a bike the same way people see the intricacies in a scripture, and has completed more than 500 paintings so far. His first motorcycle drawing was that of the Royal Enfield Electra, right after he rode back on it from Rameshwaram to Bengaluru in 2014.

“I have tried to restore the legacy of the legendary two-stroke motorcycles in my canvas. They have now almost vanished from the streets and have been replaced by the four-stroke ones,” Chiranjit explains.

“I feel it is very important to appreciate every artist, as they all have their own unique styles and put in their time and effort together to create their artworks,” Chiranjit emphasises. Over the years, he has maintained consistency in his focus, along with improvement in style along the journey. His works are priced from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000.

“People need to stop bargaining about the price of the artwork as they usually do not have any idea about the time and dedication spent,” he recommends. At the same time, art interpretation is very subjective and one should not create rules as to how one must or must not look at art, he adds.

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