Social media – and even the internet ‒ is a relatively new phenomenon in popular culture and sociology. It grows and changes with every new user, upload and wildfire trend. That’s why it’s fascinating to see young people’s interests and voices so heavily represented. On no other platform as powerful as this are the youngest generation’s needs dictating development.

The nature of social media and all content creation is to try and go bigger and better with every campaign. This thinking is always at the forefront at the dawn of a new year.

Given the explosive growth of social media in this year, what can we expect in 2020? Through cult platforms like TikTok, ‘Finstas‘ and private Snapchat, Gen Z’ers have shown us that they want more, now – and on their terms.

Let’s explore what speed, storytelling, authenticity, activism and all-important influencers have in store for us in 2020.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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