Whether or not you believe in luck, Christmas is the perfect time to explore how STEM could give magic a helping hand. Michael Faraday started the Royal Institution Christmas lectures in 1825, and today they’re the UK’s flagship science series, broadcast on the BBC. In this year’s series, Dr Hannah Fry, Professor of Mathematics at University College London, is uncovering the hidden layer of maths beneath our seemingly random, chance lives and decisions.

Dr Hannah Fry uncovers the secrets of luck in this year’s Christmas Lectures, to discover what really controls our destiny. Kicking off the lectures with a mind-boggling stunt to prove how counterintuitive our gut instincts can be, Hannah launches into a lecture full of daring live experiments and surprising discoveries.

From predicting the chance of snow at Christmas to dodging erupting volcanoes with Prof Chris Jackson, Hannah explores whether we really can predict the future. She meets the maths gurus behind Liverpool Football Club’s winning streak to spill the beans on how analysing the numbers can give a team an edge in the Premier League, and reveals the tricks to perfecting your Christmas cracker pull to win the prize every time.

Read more about the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures here.

Find out how to watch the series on BBC here.

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