At iOi we challenge ourselves to inspire lifelong learning and discovery through the promotion of imagination. One pathway to that is empathy, one of our key themes on Imagination Matters. Michael Brenner is a speaker, author and CEO. Here he brings us his literary inspirations for his book Mean People Suck – a manifesto for change through understanding. The book and ideas here bring together cultural learning and empathy, and have an influence more broad than just education.

Like the mission here at Thrive GlobalMean People Suck is a book that seeks to unlock human potential, break through the paradox that mean leaders are not better leaders, and bust the myth that cultures based on performance at any cost are viable or sustainable for anyone.

Mean People Suck went on sale on October 25 , so I thought I would share 14 of the books that inspired the book the most.

I believe that all 15 of these books can help any business to create a culture based more on empathy that will allow for more engaged employees, more satisfied customers, higher business growth. If you want your business (or your life) to thrive, then these books can provide a roadmap.

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