This article on job crafting highlights an interesting aspect to work and motivation in particular. It’s something to consider in our exploration of future work as we strive to find ways to engage the workforce and consider beneficial aspects of employment beyond just pay.

Job crafting has been around for at least a decade. However, it’s only now that the trend is receiving increased attention from workplace and HR groups.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, job crafting occurs when an employee makes changes to his or her job role in order for it to better fit their personal interests and skills. The central idea behind job crafting is for professionals to explore areas that are of interest to them and grow professionally.

While employees benefit from a job they are more engaged and happy with, employers benefit from a happier, more fulfilled, and more productive workforce.

Rather than the traditional model of having the company write a job description, with job crafting employees are empowered to do this. There are many ways to go about job crafting; it can be about changing the tasks people take on, how they accept or carry out tasks, or how often they work alongside other people.

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