For us, making represents the practical application of our most important themes, imagination and creativity. Through projects like this summer’s Mega Maker Lab, we play, experiment and invent, finding intriguing solutions and learning along the way. It’s so inspiring to see this explored in a feature-film documentary. We love the idea that making has a place for everyone, and as makers we become hackers, observers, teachers, entrepreneurs…

Where the web generation meets the real world

Making is centuries old and yet brand new. As technological advancements snowball, it’s a way to “hack this physical world in the way that we’ve been used to hacking computers”, as one maker says.

In Maker: A Documentary On The Maker Movement, a film funded by Kickstarter, various fans, practitioners and enthusiasts explore what making means to them and its importance to the tech revolution.

It’s not taking the world as it’s given

A central theme is shifting opinions of making as a hobby. Through everything from desks to bags, makers are inventing new product prototypes and coming up with tech fixes as well as creative hacks.

Many in the documentary believe that making initiatives, like other arts-based programmes, get shut down because this value is not understood.

Supporters believe it’s a meeting of local and global crafting to find new ways of doing things and inspire a new generation of manufacturing.

Learn more about Maker: A Documentary On The Maker Movement.

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