Learning and play is one of our central themes at IM, so for us the link between the two is a cause we always champion. However, one could still see one-player video games as the antithesis to positive personal and social development. What we really love about educational gaming is that it acknowledges that learning should meet young people where they find fun, not try and force them into a fixed idea of either.

Video games are everywhere, especially when it comes to kids as the target audience. And subjects are no longer confined to familiar plumber brothers and racing hedgehogs. The graphics alone make the move to VR headsets more of a step than a leap.

Another – perhaps unexpected – addition is education. This aspect is a welcome element for many parents, especially those worried that gaming is taking from learning time.

Kids can brush up on geography by following a global super-sleuth; learn about history and problem-solving on a wild west quest; or improve their language skills with a murder mystery. They can even prepare for leadership by testing the cause and effect of policy change.

Read CNET’s list of fun and secretly educational games.

Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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