Making, by nature, implies being hands-on – or does it? This new VR app gives unprecedented access to maker workshops. Even physically being there wouldn’t allow this close an involvement in the making process. It’s a revolutionary way to break down the barriers of safety, access and expertise in order to engage and inspire.

A new app called Adam Savage’s Tested VR is a pioneering platform giving anyone, anywhere, access to some of the most creative maker workshops. It’s a collaboration between the US TV host and maker and Oculus Quest headsets.

Users can be right there at the bench, virtually watching the work of Savage and others. As he says, it creates a certain intimacy not present in traditional screen ‘how to’ videos and 3D movies.

There is some initial, game-style interaction, but really these are live-action videos. You can look around, up and down, experiencing the depth of being in the workshops of puppet-makers and chainsaw-sculpture artists.

Accept it as reality and you’ll be truly immersed, finding yourself jumping back to dodge wood chippings and flying sparks.

The makers involved believe experiences like this have the power to change how we learn. By being brought in so closely, it’s multi-sensory and engaging, even if it is an illusion.

Read the article on WIRED.

Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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