Now for the final instalment in our series looking at this BBC programme – it’s ‘The Rocket‘. With each invention humanity tell its story and adds a new string to its bow; and rockets virtually represent an entirely new dimension. In some ways they’re the ultimate symbol of freethinking. We want to know what lies beyond us, and we’re striving to reach it.

humanity’s greatest adventure and our grandest dreams

Jim Al-Khalili
As might be expected, humankind has been dreaming of ‘the final frontier’ long before we were technically able to explore it.

This time we see creatives such as the author Jules Verne’s big ideas for touching the moon inspiring mathematicians to work out the details.

The understanding of propulsion ushered in the age of mega-force technologies and firepower; going hand in hand with the space race once nations became jealous for victory.

With what was once the ultimate zenith reached, the goalposts have shifted. The future of the rocket now lies in questioning humans’ only constant: Earth as home.

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