Next in our journey through the BBC series Revolutions is The Car. As presenter Jim Al-Khalili says, this could be the most divisive invention on the list. While we might not support the pollution, cost, danger and lives lost, we can’t deny the capability that motor transport has brought us. This machine symbolises our insatiable need to explore and connect.

the ultimate freedom machine

The journey to the car seat begins with humans’ desire to better their two legs. Thousands of years before the wheel, the eulogised byword for invention, we had dogs pulling sleds to open up our ability to travel long distances.

Interestingly, the car isn’t only the product of a ‘land race’ to dominance. It’s about “necessity, opportunity and survival“. The programme explores how the ability for mass movement at speed allowed humans to escape nature’s wrath.

Through outlandish experiments and the surprisingly difficult task of marketing the motor car, we learn about our struggle to live alongside another revolutionising invention.

Learn more about The Car and Revolutions on the BBC website.

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