This chapter from Larry G Maguire‘s The Artist’s Manifesto is an interesting exploration of a potentially binding concept we take for granted. In making our creativity timeless, we make room for new methods of expression, other points of view and openness of thinking. It can even free us from other common restrictions such as prescribed learning and imposed social roles.

In separation from the idea of time, we allow ourselves the mental capacity to make great things without restriction.

This process happens for some creative people entirely automatically, but for many, the space to create away from self imposed demands of contemporary life is difficult to find.

Worldly things such as family responsibilities, financial demands, the day job, TV, peer influence and so on, have the potential to feed the creative muse.

But going unchecked, they serve as distractions, dilutants of our psychic energy and focus of attention.

In The Artist’s Manifesto, we read how the nature of the creative process is a constant moving between this world of people and bright shiny things and the artist’s quiet creative space. Finding balance in this to and fro of life is vital to our wellbeing and creativity. The Artist’s Manifesto does not support the idea that we must obliterate those things that challenge us. Instead, it suggests we see them for what they are; necessary in limited quantities for the constant creation and expression of the self.

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