We’re big fans of Clare Patey and the Empathy Museum‘s work, so we’re excited to see it be taken to international audiences. We’ve also just finished our own project on empathy, the Cultural Residency for 2019, for which Clare was on the judging panel. ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ is such a thought-provoking concept and we were inspired by the project as it really captures the spirit of our thinking around empathy with its accessible and practical approach.

Every other year, Denver hosts the Biennial of the Americas Festival, where dozens of countries in the Western Hemisphere are brought together via leaders in art, culture and business. It was created in 2010 by the Denver mayor at the time, John Hickenlooper. Now in its fifth iteration, the festival’s focus will be on ‘empathy in action‘ from September 25 through 27.

Before the Biennial begins, an interactive art exhibition is coming to Denver in order to go more in-depth about empathy. Opening August 9 in Tail Tracks Plaza, Empathy Museum’s ‘A Mile in My Shoes‘ will allow participants to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes while listening to that person’s story through audio recordings.

Conceptualised by British artist Clare Patey in collaboration with philosopher and author Roman Krznaric, ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ is a haunting, beautiful and deeply personal approach to changing your perspective. Shoes aren’t just accessories for most of us – they signify the freedom to move, to walk away from situations and places in search of better ones. At other times, shoes are symbols of our status, our style, our personalities. And, especially in the context of the Biennial, shoes can teach us about other cultures and ways of life.

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