Is creativity something we’re born with – a magic spark that some people have and some don’t? In this video from PBSoffbook, practitioners in a variety of fields talk about what being creative really means. We love this exploration because it characterises the process as something inclusive, both of people and ways of working.

For me, creativity is making something that didn’t exist before

Julie Burstein, Peabody Award-winning producer, author and TED speaker

And being creative should be as simple and as broad as that.

Starting is about “expand[ing] our capacity for uncertainty“, says Burstein. It’s about freedom from success and originality; that belief in an ‘out of the blue’ moment. Not all ideas will lead somewhere and it’s this experience that breeds creativity.

Linked to this is that it’s a process; we have to work at it. Throughout its stages we use different areas of the brain and need to employ different skills.

Which then leads onto collaboration as the key. Creativity is the sum of everyone – we don’t have ideas in a vacuum.

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