Making places that inspire isn’t just about beauty and the thrill of the new. It’s also about finding creative ways to increase engagement. Looking at this exploration of a colourful kindergarten in Chongqing, we love the impulse to build “a place that begs to be explored”. It’s full of clever and, crucially, practical solutions all incorporated into the design.

Init Design Office (IDO) has designed a colourful kindergarten for a residential community in Chongqing in China, aiming to inspire imagination and creativity. The design followed open-minded teaching concept of the kindergarten – embracing nature, personality development and the cultivation of children’s spirits.

The kindergarten is a place that begs to be explored – a new colour and material at every turn. The material pallette of terracotta panels, red and grey bricks, wood, laminate, cement fibre boards, and polycarbonate sheets was wide, with combinations distinct to every volume, was designed to allow children to to identify places in the kindergarten according to material and develop a sense of belonging. Translucent materials, such the polycarbonate sheets, were chosen to create colorful rhythm under the sunshine, while the roofs, finished with Al-Mg-Mn alloy unify the complex and create the illusion of a ‘snow-covered landscape’.

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