This is an interesting exploration into how important it is that we not only foster playful learning in children, but how we shouldn’t lose that impulse as adults. In making it an essential part of lifelong development, we can ensure we champion creativity and play from an early age.

I know as an adult I often hear that ‘bossy kids’ make good leaders when they grow up!

When we make play the foundation of learning, we teach the Whole child
Vince Gowmon, author and speaker

But, do playful kids make good team leaders as adults?

Richard Branson posted a Virgin blog written by Hazel Davis which I found to be very interesting titled: Mess around, make people laugh and think better says ideas expert!

Why is it important to include playtime in our lives and just have plain good fun making others laugh?

Hazel Davis, contributor to Virgin blog, talks to how John Ingledew, author of How To Have Great Ideas about how it causes a big reaction when good ideas are encountered.

“Instead, we should embrace our inner child and play around with ideas if we want to be really creative. We were all incredibly creative as school kids in the playground, inventing games with the things that happened to be at hand.” “A stick could be so many things then: a lightsaber, goal post, a knight’s sword, a cricket bat, anything.” John goes on to say, “As adults, we lose this way of thinking.”

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