We love learning about the positive effects of simple, creative activities; it’s at the core of what we do at iOi and IM. Even better in this case, dancing is also a naturally communal activity that reinforces social bonds and benefits us all. So, feel the rhythm, catch the beat, and keep it moving.

If you ever find yourself dancing, moving or even just tapping a toe to music, it turns out it’s a natural reaction. This is because as humans we are instinctively drawn to the rhythms of music, and we react by dancing.

Music and dance is a universal language, they unite different cultures as reacting in the same way to a piece. In fact, researchers have observed that a group is more likely to survive if they have a shared dance through which to express their feelings.

Furthermore, several university studies have looked into the effects of dance classes on depression and anxiety. However, wider than this, it seems as though dance also has a generally positive effect on our daily lives.

Find out about the relaxing and mood-boosting effects of the ‘social glue’ that is dancing.

Read the article on Psychology Spot.


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