We know about the importance of play for children’s development, but it mustn’t stop there. We love this piece from intranet pioneer, Sam Marshall, which stresses the importance of continuous learning when it comes to digital literacy. There’s a reason why digital test sites are called sandpits; we just need to embrace what we know about how we learn.

It’s a myth that millennials are somehow more skilled because they are ‘digital natives.’ No Baby Boomer claims to be an ‘automobile native’ because they never knew a time without a car.

Promoting digital literacy today is for people’s own development, not purely for economic growth. However, despite its individual nature, we tend to teach digital skills using a traditional, linear model.

While young people have, and have had, more time and freedom in the digital world, it doesn’t mean there’s a ceiling to learning. Indeed, the catch is that no one can ever know it all as technology is constantly changing.

The true potential of improving digital literacy comes with playing and trying things out – creativity. These tactics can be transferred over from areas where we’re more predisposed to play. Think organising your holiday photos in online albums as aligned to uploading assets to a cloud-based CMS and adding metadata.

The essential elements are familiar. Allow for mistakes in safety, reflect when tactics don’t work, and remove the habitual shortcuts that come with deadlines.

Read the article on CMS Wire.

Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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