With the many advances in AI technology, we’re asking ‘can a computer be creative’, and so more broadly, what is creativity? While we worry about retaining true creativity and ownership, it might not be the point. This podcast looks at how we create and problem solve. Ultimately, the important thing is that we’re thinking about it.

Earlier this year we looked at AI art and its implications, including news of the record-setting sale of an AI-created artwork. In this edition of the Chips with Everything podcast, the team look at how we define creativity, and whether and how a computer really can be creative.

Explore the concept of ‘elastic thinking‘, an explanation for how we use our imaginations to think creatively in new situations. It’s more than just a hunch, it’s the constant flow of associations and ideas that your brain generates.

Are computers capable of anything like this to make, for example, art? Can we call it creativity, and does it happen without human intervention?

Listen to the podcast on The Guardian.

Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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