We recently brought you news of a new text generator that’s causing a stir in the tech world because of the understandable caution around AI. However, it’s important to remember the potential, and more than that, fun, that innovation can bring. Here, Rhodri Davies of the Charities Aid Foundation plays with AI to prove that it’s not just for the rich and powerful, and is more accessible than you might think.

What do all of the following charities have in common?

  • Lewisham Young Farmers Club
  • Much Society
  • Four Winds Relief

Firstly, they’re all made up. And secondly, they were created by my AI bot.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be the preserve of science fiction. But now AI is a reality in our daily lives, and this connection between humans and AI looks set to become deeper and more inextricable in the future. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Netflix; they all use artificial intelligence to assist us every single day. Some people are nervous about the potential for AI to be abused; and it’s easy to understand why.

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