While tackling stress is important and has wide-reaching benefits, creative practice such as music could do so much more. Applying the creative skills gained to STEM subjects can unlock even greater learnings. It’s a test of the essential nature of the ‘A’ in STEAM.

Playing and practising music brings a range of health and educational benefits. It reduces stress, increases problem-solving skills, stimulates the imagination and builds confidence through accomplishment.

Like an “antidote” to excessive screen time’s damage on mental wellbeing and productivity, playing music is engaging and mindful. It has similar effects on mood and emotions as meditating or going to the gym.

Neuroscientists assert that “the best students and workers are those who engage in creative thinking and creative problem solving“. Practising these skills helps us to learn how to engage our brains in different ways, for so much more than the benefit of complex STEM work.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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