It seems as though the topic of Future Work is on everyone’s minds. This article from PBS News Hour shows that this shift in thinking is happening internationally, with the largest economies and US colleges feeling the need to prepare. Bring on ‘soft’ skills, lifelong learning and on-the-job training programs.

Eighty-five percent of the jobs that today’s students will do in 2030 don’t exist yetthe Institute for the Future has predicted.

That might seem like a high number to reach in only 12 years. But think about the now-mainstream careers that did not exist just a handful of years ago: drone operator, social media manager, app developer and cloud computing engineer, among others.

Even if that 85 percent is ultimately smaller, the number begs an important question about how the workforce is preparing for the future, starting in the classroom. What role should colleges and universities play in preparing students for a workplace that is constantly changing?

Educational institutions are trying to answer that question, largely by adapting their programs to better suit an ever-shifting work landscape. Here are some of the approaches they’re taking.

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