HundrED are a Helsinki-based organisation that we’ve written about before, working to innovate in education and schools. Here, Education Week visited their Innovation Summit and spoke to students about some of the projects honoured by HundrED. It’s of upmost importance to involve and understand the opinions of those these innovations are created for. Especially when it comes to the varied and crucial subject matter covered: culture, education, health, confidence and the environment.

Collaboration and group work invite opportunities for students to harness problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills, all of which promote ownership of learning. As well-known author and educator Sir Ken Robinson said, “Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.” Collaborative learning and genuine engagement prepare students to understand themselves in a fast-changing world, empowering them to become active global learners.

The following seven global innovative education organizations, all selected for HundrED’s Global Collection 2019, are transforming education by putting students’ needs at the forefront of learning. Harnessing the qualities of collaboration, these organizations aim to provide students and educators with accessible solutions covering a wide range of issues including adversity, classroom design, climate change, design thinking, equity, inequality, poverty, sustainability, and sexual health.

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