Too often, albeit with the best of intentions, we can be guilty of prescribing when it comes to young people and their future. Even indirectly, popular culture, science fiction and the news dictates what adults think is important for the next generation. This piece from Nominet is about a fifteen-year-old who’s changing this narrative. It reminds us how important it is to involve not only those who make the decisions affecting the future, but those who will live in it.

The technology industry is inherently forward-looking. It’s all about development and transformation, with a constant eye on the future. And yet, how many of the campaigns and initiatives working to support the next generation are led by the target audience themselves?

Perhaps this explains why the technology industry is going a little mad for Kari Lawler. This fifteen-year-old with precocious STEM skills has recently founded Youth4AI to help young people better understand how artificial intelligence (AI) works and prepare for the impact it will have on their future.

Kari first came to the media’s attention a year ago when she was struggling to find a school following her diagnosis with autism. Quickly, an inspiring story emerged: this was an incredibly advanced, tech whizz kid who had created her own digital assistant in a week and was deemed capable of sitting her GCSEs two years early.

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