It probably comes as no surprise that the average worker loses their free and even paid holiday time to work. We love the phrase ‘time theft‘, and while these terms and initiatives like Australia’s Go Home On Time Day might appear extreme, it seems we need this push. After all, “time for anything other than work” is time for imagination.

The average Aussie worker loses six hours of unpaid overtime every single week.

And while it might not look like such a huge sacrifice, it adds up — to a whopping 312 hours a year, or an annual, collective income loss of more than $100 billion.

But today, workers are encouraged to fight back during the 10th annual Go Home On Time Day.

If your work day technically ends at 5pm, like many Aussies, you should pack up and head home now.

The day is sponsored by the Centre for Future Work and The Australia Institute, and is designed to draw attention to the widespread practice of workers allowing their employers to essentially “steal” their time.

According to the Go Home On Time Day website, unpaid overtime is a “windfall” for employers — but harmful for workers and their families.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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