Why The Danes Encourage Their Kids To Swing Axes, Play With Fire, And Ride Bikes In Traffic

Among the many insights into free play in this article from Quartz is the possible relevance of this experience for the future. There’s a lot of talk circulating about ‘surviving’ artificial intelligence‘s takeover, especially in the world of work. Some of the thinking behind free or ‘risky’ play is that it develops the uniquely human characteristics…

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Stage Of Reason: How Theatre Is Being Used To Engage People In Science

STEAM in action with a fantastic article from The Stage. James Doeser takes us through the explosion of collaborations between science and theatre. An element of daily life, like medicine, seems removed from ourselves and our understanding, despite us interacting with it constantly. We love how the article recognises the importance of finding ways to communicate…

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‘Human Brain’ Supercomputer With 1 Million Processors Switched On For First Time

It’s so inspiring to hear news of a groundbreaking project based in the UK. For 20 years, The University of Manchester has been at the forefront of computer science, developing a million-processor-core supercomputer, ‘SpiNNaker‘. The applications of this technology could be revolutionary in helping us to understand how the brain works, and in studying diseases…

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