This week we’re excited to bring you a TEDx talk from the Institute of Imagination‘s Director of Experience and Learning, Tom Doust. Here, Tom explores not only the benefits of mind-wandering, but its place as an essential and fundamental human function, through a personal exploration of his experiences mind-wandering.

Some of history’s greatest discoveries – from world-changing science to the fictional characters that defined a generation – were made when “taking time out”, says Tom. And with the World Bank identifying creativity as one of the top three skills required in their Education Strategy 2020, according to Tom, mind-wandering is one essential route to developing this.

Tom shares the potential of mind-wandering and the simple, every day tasks that can create “a space to have ideas” and to foster creativity. In an increasingly automated world, creativity is the innate skill that separates humans from rapidly developing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Tom proposes that it provides a way to embrace and harness this change.

Tom has spent his career to date seeking to inspire learning and creativity in children and young people, families, communities and adults from founding the social action charity Envision through to his work at the Institute of Imagination.

Watch the video:

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