We believe that imagination is the essential link between knowledge, creativity, learning and discovery. It’s both the fuel and the path through which ideas are brought to life. This is especially true for STEM subjects, where access, interest and take-up is a battle which continues. Making is part of our philosophy, and as this article shows, using the collective imagination can inspire young people to find real-world solutions.

Last fall, Project Invent introduced a group of high school students to Jimmy, a 29-year-old man who recently became blind and was struggling with veering into traffic on his walks. These students took on the challenge of designing a solution to help blind people everywhere with the dangerous problem of veering. We didn’t tell them what to make – students decided what problem they wanted to tackle and how to best solve it.

These students, and many others in Project Invent, have already designed impactful technologies to address everything from social anxiety to sexual assault to PTSD. And behind every team’s inventions are stories of real people in their community.

In Project Invent, we empower young people to make an impact. Every student has ideas that can make a difference. However, they are rarely empowered to bring their ideas to life.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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