How much of a building’s identity lives in its space? Does our perception of them depend on their surroundings? Photographer Anton Repponen is experimenting with seeing iconic buildings from radical points of view with his Misplaced Series. Here, he talks to Kate Lough at Evening Standard about unleashing the life of a building in your imagination.

The Guggenheim, the United Nations, the Chrysler building – these are all iconic New York buildings that are instantly recognisable.

But what if they were taken out of context? Stripped of their surroundings, signs and cars parked in front – would you see them differently? This is what New York photographer Anton Repponen has done in his Misplaced Series – and to great effect.

Eleven of the Big Apple’s most iconic buildings have been ‘misplaced’ in deserts, on rock faces and other clutter-free landscapes so that we can see them as the architect intended.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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