We love this example of true STEAM in action on a grand scale. Es Devlin‘s bold, beautiful and world class design takes the fear of AI by its horns, positively harnessing the power of the collective imagination. The interactive poetry element could only be human, and is a celebration of the essential collaboration between creativity and machine learning.

London-based designer Es Devlin has just been announced as the winner of the large-scale competition for the design of the UK pavilion at the upcoming World Expo, set to take place in 2020 in Dubai. The award-winning creative, who has also been behind world class events such as the London Olympics closing ceremony and recently staged a poetry-spouting neon lion in Trafalgar Square, has created a structure centred on British expertise in artificial intelligence and space, entitled ‘The Poem Pavilion’.

Few commissions are more prestigious than the those where a designer is called to represent the creativeness and business sense of a whole nation; the World Expos have been a playground for architectural experimentation ever since their introduction in the 19th century. More recently, Thomas Heatherwick’s ‘Seed Cathedral’ in Shanghai and Asif Khan’s 2017 pavilion in Astana are key examples of temporary structures with a permanent place in the collective cultural memory.

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Posted by:Sophie Sabin

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