A true champion of the movement, Mike Senese‘s Maker Faire has become a global phenomenon since its inception in 2006, with over 200 events around the world. iOi is proud to have hosted one of the brand’s Mini Maker Faires in the past, and next month Derby sees one come to the UK. Last weekend, the flagship World Maker Faire 2018 burst out of New York City – check out the weird, wonderful, and delightful and get inspired to make!

Over the weekend, thousands of artists, makers, and tinkerers from around the world descended upon the New York City Hall of Science for Maker Faire, an annual celebration of all things DIY. Maker Faire was started in 2006 by MAKE magazine as a celebration of “arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset” and has expanded from a handful of events in the US to a worldwide traveling festival.

New York City has the distinction of hosting the largest event, known as the World Maker Faire, each year. Over the course of three days, visitors can listen to hundreds of how-to talks, see the latest 3D-printing hardware, learn new skills, and get involved with some of the most ambitious independent technology projects from around the world. I went to visit for the final day of this year’s World Maker Faire and this is what I saw.

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