On Saturday 24 March, the Institute of Imagination are collaborating with Tate Britain for the biggest ever digital family day to be held in the Tate galleries; Imagine If.  In this series of posts, artists from the festival tell us how they are using the Tate Britain as a space to imagine. Here, Very Very Far Away explain how their unique storytelling will help children to think about imagined futures, looking at the impact of technology now, in the past and in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing these new tales woven in The 1960 Room at Tate Britain.

How do we imagine the future?

Very Very Far Away (VVFA) tells tales from the future. During ‘Imagine If’ at the Tate Britain we want to ask; How do we imagine the future?  And, how could this change the world and worlds beyond ours? Working with visitors to the gallery we will map and plot possible futures then craft and tell the stories and myths that these futures are made of.

VVFA is a large scale project started in 2015 spanning many collaborators countries and conversations, the project uses narrative as a means to examine and critique possible futures.  By working with a wide range of people in public, educational and professional environments ideas are collaboratively developed taking into account a variety of perspectives and expertise, shaping the worlds from which stories can be told.  These collectively crafted narratives are then told and disseminated through multiple means, including the Very Very Far Away Podcast, broadcast on dublab.com in Los Angeles, and during live events and performances such as VVFA radio, broadcast during the Digital Design Weekend in autumn 2017 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, through to various gallery installations, public talks and workshops.  

A series of posit notes
VVFA start a storytelling timeline

In the Tate we will be making a large timeline with visitors to the ‘Imagine If’ festival exploring the impacts of technologies past, present and future on art – both in terms of how we make it and what we might make it about.  We will look at traditional methods and themes through to new topics and techniques brought about by changes in society and the new tools that might become available to us.  From all of these ideas visitors will be invited to join some of the dots and sketch out brief dialogues that they will be able to perform live in the gallery. 

The project is always evolving, as such we hope that during the festival at the Tate, we can collectively come up with some peculiar new angles and unexpected takes on both how the world could be, and perhaps more importantly, how we would like the world to be. 

An article by Very Very Far Away. Find out more about VVFA on their website.

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Very Very Far Away (VVFA) is a public facing research project consisting of a Podcast, a Workshop and a series of special Projects, seeking to re-ignite future ideologies. Its method uses Space Exploration as a lens to examine current ideas and values which may pertain to future societies through technological advances.

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