Falling asleep. Easy for some, a nightmare for others – it’s something we all (at least try to) do. Funded by a foundation set up by US tech billionaire Bill Gates, a University of Cambridge neuroscience team is looking at the journey to unconsciousness. We were intrigued by the idea that this transition, rather than quality or quantity, might hold the answers to many of our sleep problems. Read more about this fascinating research on the BBC News website.

How do you fall asleep? It might happen to us every night – and maybe sometimes more often – but it’s still a deeply mysterious process.

An international group of researchers at the University of Cambridge is trying to find out what really happens in that drowsy twilight zone as we make the transition from waking to sleeping.

They are measuring, analysing and trying to understand how the conscious, controlled, waking person turns into an unaware, dreaming, sleeper.

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